This pure odourless and tasteless skincream contains "natural forces" which stimulate all types of skin to absorb the needed elements which Bormo-Wonder also provides. Bormo-Wonder protects the skin and is absolutely safe. When used regularly, the skin becomes healthier and younger looking. When used as a day and night cream the complexion becomes younger and fresher. Bormo-Wonder is particularly useful for the skincare of young children and babies. The cream also helps to protect the mother's skin when applied pre- and post-natally. When used before and after breast-feeding, it helps both with the prevention and healing of cracked nipples. Bormo-Wonder soothes and helps to heal cracked or rough skin in summer or winter. Hard skin and skin swellings feel less irritating after applying the cream. When used for handcare, the cream will improve the skin around the nail while giving it a deeper glow. The skincream keeps lips soft and gives excellent results both during and after sunbathing. The product is also highly recommended when using the solarium. Bormo-Wonder does not cause spots and works well on grazed skin, skin irritated by warm water, steam or tight clothes, itching, tickling and perspiration. Since the cream is totally harmless when swallowed, it can be used to strengthen the gums and to remove the discomfort possibly caused by false teeth. Bormo-Wonder can indeed help to cure any skin related problems of the nose, ears, eyes and mouth. When regularly massaged with Bormo-Wonder, tired feet and legs feel lighter and sleep is improved. For personal hygiene, Bormo-Wonder is a must.
You will discover that this product certainly lives up to its name !

50 ml