Bormo Schampoo

Bormo shampoo relaxes the scalp and activates the blood circulation which makes your hair softer and stronger. It is suitable for all types of hair and may be used daily. After washing, the hair will be healthier because of the harmonising action on the sebaceous glands and roots of the hair. The shampoo is beneficial in cases of loss of hair, dandruff and split ends. It gives the hair a natural gloss in balance with one's self, leaving a long-lasting pleasant perfume. Usage: for children and for thinning hair: dissolve the shampoo in waterand wash the hair gently with the fingertips. For greasy hair, lather well for five minutes, then rinse and repeat.

500 ml - 1000 ml


Why not take the time to give your hair some extra attention. The 'natural strengths' contained in Hairbalsam contribute to the impressive results obtained with all kinds of hair problems. It improves the blood circulation in the scalp and releases tension, allowing the skin and hair-roots to become stronger. When used as a brillantine, Hairbalsam gives excellent results; it can also be recommended for beards.
Usage: after having washed your hair with Bormo shampoo, apply Hairbalsam to the scalp while the hair is still wet. Leave on for 15 minutes to one hour (if the hair is very greasy), then rinse and wash again with the shampoo.

100 ml


This product gives your hair a magnificent natural gloss. It keeps the hair healthy and strong and makes it easier to manage. It is recommended for damaged and dry hair, as it replaces the natural hair oils. Usage: after shampooing and while the hair is still wet, pour a little Hairgloss into the palm of the hand and apply to the hair, mainly on the ends. There is no need to re-rinse the hair.

50 ml