Bormo Hygiene

Bormo Hygiene is a hygienic cleanser for all skin types. It makes the skin younger looking and softer. After showering, you will feel refreshed and stimulated. When you pour a small cup of Bormo Hygiene in your bath-water, the skin will be revitalised while bathing and any unpleasant feeling of itching, tickling or red blotches will be gone. Bormo Hygiene has an efficient and relaxing effect in foot and hip- baths. Even if your baby swallows some bath-water, you don't have to worry. When used for cleaning, your hands will not feel itchy or irritated, which will render your work easier. Bormo Hygiene is economical in use, odourless and relaxing. Bormo Hygiene has many uses: - wash fruit and vegetables with Bormo Hygiene to remove insects and other harmful deposits - after washing, dishes sparkle brightly
- used a a rinsing additive in the dishwasher, it rounds off the washing-up perfectly
- when mixed with sand, burn and rust marks on cooking pots can easily be removed - it cleans windows without smearing and if used a second time it will also prevent steaming - your car will look like new
- marble floors are finally clean and shiny - leather is cleaned and fed
- Bormo Hygiene gives you satisfaction when you spring-clean and when cleaning doors and ceilings - gold, silver and porcelain become more beautiful and the colours of precious stones become more intense and deeper - immediate, undiluted application to wine and grease stains will help them disappear more easily when washed - shirt collars, trousers and dresses, carpets and curtains become extremely clean - Bormo Hygiene softens and makes delicate laundry more crease-free. It washes baby clothes gently clean and helps woollen sweaters to recover their softness - it keeps artificial teeth clean and odourless - it has wonderful results when washing dogs, horses and prize animals
- you can put a few drops of Bormo-Hygiene in the washing water of your bird, then its feathers will shine beautifully - when used to wipe dust from houseplants, it allows the leaves to breathe more freely Bormo-Hygiene: once used, it will become indispensible.